Hey guys, here are things that I have been gagging about
in the month of April. I'm going to be doing a beauty favorites
separately just because I have so much to show you
in the makeup/skincare world. Also scroll all the way down
to see how you can enter & win 1 of the 2 SMILESCIENCES
teeth whitening kit!

Caps/Trucker Hats
The return of the caps. I have been obsessed with caps lately.
Whether its a baseball cap, a snapback cap, or whatever cap. They
have been a necessity in my closet, especially for those days where
I feel so rugged and too lazy to do my hair. Trucker hats also have
been a necessity of mine. We've seen both of these types of hats
on runways, celebrities and its been around for years. They're
great to wear in music festivals, a day out with friends. They are 
very versatile for all seasons.

Tevin Vincent Accessories
I heard of Tevin Vincent through a fellow youtuber friend JairWoo.
When Tevin contacted me about sending a care package I was
quite excited because I've been loving every single bracelet
that JairWoo would feature on his channel, so it was a honour.
Ever since I got the package I've been wearing these 2 specifically
non-stop. I either where them together or add a gold accessory with 
it. His accessories are so versatile and its very simple yet looks
chic. Be sure you check out Tevin's website out because I for sure
know you will fall in love with an item. With that said, Tevin has
given me a discount code for you guys to use. Just use "paul15"
at the checkout page and you will get 15% off.

Alexander McQueen Envelope Clutch
I love envelope clutches. I feel like they are such a statement
piece and adds to your outfit. I had purchased this envelope
clutch at the Cabazon Outlet in Palm Springs back in March.
This was the first store I stepped into and when my eyes
caught this beauty, not once did I second guess myself
about buying it because I fell in love. It's simple but 
a chic-ness to it. The silver details is what sold it for me.
It had the Alexander McQueen logo in the front and the zipper
had the iconic McQueen skull with crystals eyes.

Sunglass Spot
These sunnies are life! They are very similar to the Dior
Technologics that have been so hot lately. But the price of
these are much affordable and that's the reason why I love
sunglassspot. They offer an array of sunnies that are suitable
for every face shape. PLUS they are very affordable! Be
sure to go check out their website!

The Color Pink
The color pink lately has been my go to color when I go 
shopping. I don't what it is about the color that made 
me all of a sudden love it but it looks good in all skin tones.
Whether its a hot pink, fushia pink, baby pink, peachy pink,
pastel pink or all kinds of pink its just so eye catching. It adds
to your outfit especially if you're wearing all black or all white or
even some ripped light denim jeans it just looks good!

Smile Sciences
This is my secret to having white teeth. I had this in my
January Favorites and I kid you not I would love to have this
on all my favorites video but I know you guys would probably
get sick of me showing you and talking about it. I have been using
this kit for a year now and I have not stop loving it. I have
DEFINITELY seen results. I always get compliments on how
white my teeth are and if you know me I have an obssession
with white teeth. I honestly love this better than the crest
white strips due to the fact that it doesn't make my teeth
sensitive. With that said I've partnered with smilsciences
and you guys can get your own! I was able to get you
guys a 90% off discount code!! This kit retails for $299 but
if you use my code "PAULZEDRICH" you will only get the kit
for $29!! And I kid you not you will see results yourself. You also
can maintain the whiteness of your teeth with the maintenance pen
that comes in the kit but also using the proper toothpaste. I use
the 3D Crest White Brilliance line and that has also helped.
Be sure to grab your teeth whitening kit now!

One Dance/Panda
These two songs have been my go to every time I hope
into the shower. Its one or the other that I play first! They are
such a hot summer jam and I kid you not every time
these songs come on I go ham. They both have such a great
beat to it that its impossible not to break down a dance move.
PS: Who's going to the #SummerSixteenTour? Because I
am and I am way too excited!

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