The Victorinox I.N.O.X Watch!

A Sport Watch Build To Survive ANYTHING! 
The Victorinox I.N.O.X Watch

To celebrate of Victorinox 130th anniversary, the company has launched a new watch
with the durability of their Swiss Army knives. The watch is 
original, rugged and
dependable for all conditions it encounters. That watch 
is called the I.N.O.X. This solid
watch has been pushed to its limits by being 
put on 130 intensive battery test to show
its extraordinary resistance. It endured 
being dropped onto concrete from 10M up, set on
fire, put into a washing machine 
and even being run over by a 64 ton tank!
This watch is unstoppable and can totally 
handle a huge storm, whether its
a tornado storm or a sandstorm. 
The I.N.O.X totally has this princess's approval.

Among the midst of the battery test I.N.O.X was put through, it was subjected
to be attacked bycorrosive materials such as gasoline, oils
and cleaning products. It also withstand the heat of 163 degrees
Fahrenheit & the ice chilling of negative 59 degrees Fahrenheit. I.N.O.X
is a watch that can withstand anything 
that gets thrown at it. With a watch
that is versatile and solid, I.N.O.X is definitely outstanding
and made for any person out there.

This solid watch is designed to withstand anything. From vibrations, temperature changes 
and impacts like no other giving it the most built and improved watch any company 
has seen. A watch like this that has been machined in metal has strength like no other 
which is why I believe it's the most outstanding watch out there. This is honestly the 
epitome of STRENGTH. A timepiece like I.N.O.X, that is 'Made To Last' has versatility 
with exceptionally rugged features is nonetheless the most compatible, suitable watch 
any watch company has encountered. This firm, compact but still sleek watch is a reinforced 
with a stainless steel case, that consists insets of sapphire crystal that prevents it from 
scratching, removable black silicone and nylon bumper, screwed on stainless steel case back 
and of course it is water resistant up to 200 metres. Not only doesn't it come in a 
classy black dial/strap, you can be more adventurous and get the coloured ones, a 
khaki green one or a navy one. 

This Swiss-made Ronda 715 is proved to be simple and 
does it says, which is having to keep accurate time. 

For more information about Victorinox I.N.O.X watch,
visit Victorinox online.

I partnered with the brand to write this article but every word is mine.

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